Phase 1: Consultation

Before the start of any project, John Lord and their dedicated technical sales team are available to provide every person with a personal consultation about their current or future project.

Using their practical and technical knowledge each team member has the ability to give expert advice on the best John Lord flooring product and/or industrial stainless steel products to use in your specific industry.

At John Lord it doesn’t matter if you are already an expert in the industry or new to the technical knowhow, the team will take into consideration your specific requirements and estimated traffic while giving special consideration for the latest hygiene standards and project efficiency providing you with the complete information needed to make your final decision.

For an instant consultation or to arrange a meeting or site survey, contact the technical sales team today; +44 (0)161 764 4617 or via EMAIL.

Your Project - Your Floor

Using the Specify Your Floor selector to your right, John Lord has given you the ability to find your ideal flooring product from our exclusive range that is suited for your industry.

Each product has their full technical data available online to download and cross reference with other suitable products.


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