Drinks Processing

“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity”
Louis Pasteur

The Industry

John Lord has maintained a healthy relationship within the drink processing industry for more than 80 years. Our flooring systems provide a practical and durable solution based on our long association with the brewing and soft drinks industries. As always our projects are covered by our product installation guarantee policy.

Over the years, John Lord has worked with some of the most recognisable brands in the industry and have developed a range of floors that work in harmony in each production process. Being a trusted supplier to many of the leading drinks processing companies, John Lord has worked throughout the UK and in Europe including Pepsico Worldwide, Coca Cola, Guinness, John Smiths, Sam Smiths, Thwaites, Black Sheep and many micro breweries.

Why John Lord is Favoured?

John Lord resin floors always offer a high quality seamless finish, ideal for environments which involve regular cleaning. With no joints or crevasses, a John Lord resin floor creates a wall-to-wall seamless surface with increased cleanability, preventing bacteria growth and debris.

Our in-house resin systems are developed to work with the surroundings and can be specified in a range of finishes, including anti-static, smooth or anti-slip profiles, matt or gloss surfaces, rigid and flexible systems and formulas with resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures. Our flooring formulas have been developed to allow quick installations, ensuring minimum disruption to the working environment.

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John Lord has you covered…

The versatility of a John Lord resin floor means that they can be installed in any number of environments including:

  • Liquid Food Manufacturing
  • Dairies
  • Bottling Plants
  • Breweries
  • Beverage Manufacturers
  • Storage Rooms
  • Cool Storage (>0°C)
  • Cool Storage (<0°C)
  • Packaging Areas

Specify Your Floor

Depending on your company’s unique environment, there are any number of variables that determine what flooring solution will provide the optimum performance. Through understanding the demands of your business or organization, John Lord can provide knowledgeable advice, built on our experience of the industry in selecting your floor.

Factors such as these often have some bearing:

  • Type and degree of traffic
  • Temperatures to which flooring will be exposed
  • Nature and duration of any chemical contact with the floor
  • Wet or dry service conditions
  • Slip resistance requirements


Resin Flooring Alternative!

John Lord recognise the need for products to work in specialised environments which is why we also offer our VIBROGARD Industrial Tiling systems where strength and durability are key attributes. The vitrified ceramic tiles, exclusive to John Lord offer a hexagonal design and are both strong and chemically resistant with proven reliability.

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We are not just floors…

As well as providing complete flooring solutions, John Lord offers ASPEN stainless steel systems, manufactured and fabricated in the UK and installed by our specialist site teams. ASPEN offer a range of precision engineered, high grade stainless steel drainage, wall cladding, wall kerbing and protection products. ASPEN products can be specified with any John Lord floor, creating one complete package.

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