John Lord manufacture their own exclusive range of resin flooring product which is British manufactured at their site in Bury, UK. Using state of the art processing and packaging machinery and a skilled manufacturing workforce, John Lord has the ability to produce small and large volumes of resin flooring product with small lead times from their exclusive online range.

Onsite at the manufacturing facility, John Lord has a dedicated technical team and laboratory facilities to develop new resin flooring innovations and complete extensive chemical and slip resistance testing to meet the latest British Standards providing every customer with a reliable flooring system.

John Lord can also manufacture and supply their full range of resin flooring product packaged and ready for shipment throughout the UK and export to international countries. 


Bespoke Applications

John Lord has the ability to design and manufacture any of its existing standard products to a bespoke specification to suit a unique requirement or environment. Each product can go beyond its standard colour range to suit many applications including;

  • Company branding
  • Health & safety colours
  • Hazard zones
  • Mixed colour designs
  • Mixed flake and glitter designs

Your Project - Your Floor

Using the Specify Your Floor selector to your right, John Lord has given you the ability to find your ideal flooring product from our exclusive range that is suited for your industry.

Each product has their full technical data available online to download and cross reference with other suitable products.


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