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Posted on 26/02/2015


Industrial & Commercial Resin Flooring

John Lord manufactures and installs non-slip flooring for industrial and commercial environments that require safety under foot for pedestrian traffic and other factory traffic.

The exclusive non-slip resin flooring range and industrial, non-slip ceramic floor tiles are ideal for preventing slip hazards. The flooring range also helps to achieve the necessary safety requirements in both wet and dry conditions throughout the workplace.

Resin flooring is a durable product that boasts high performance attributes making it the perfect replacement for cheap non-slip laminate and vinyl flooring. A resin floor will provide a long lasting slip resistance surface, which will not need constant maintenance or replacing after a few years.

Industry Applications

Working throughout the UK and internationally, John Lord has supplied and installed their non-slip floors to various industries including;

The degree of slip resistance on every resin flooring system can be altered according to the specific requirements of the environment providing a bespoke service tailored to your specification and industry demands.

In processing environments where greasy food, oils and chemical are present with the potential of spillages, a high grade non-slip floor will be recommended. A lower grade of non-slip floor would be ideal in dry processing and packaging environments where spillages are less hazardous but daily cleaning regimes will require safety under foot in wet conditions.

Measuring Slip Resistant Flooring

John Lord non slip floors are tested according to the UKSRG guidelines for their slip resistance. The URAGARD HT polyurethane resin floors in the John Lord flooring range have all resulted in a Low Slip Potential.

John Lord tests the slip resistance of their resin floors with the industry standard TRL Pendulum Test. This method measures the dynamic co-efficient of friction by passing a pendulum foot over the flooring surface. This system is endorsed by BSI for the British Standard (BS 8204).

John Lord Non Slip Resin Flooring Products

As part of the URAGARD HT range, John Lord has products with all-round performance. A few popular choices within the HT resin flooring range include;

The resin floor products are complimented by the high performance URAGARD WR COVE GRADE polyurethane resin floor. This is used for vertical surfaces and to create wall coves, which is a common alternative to wall kerbing or skirting.

Specify Your Own Floor

In order to begin choosing your non-slip resin flooring, please use our Specify Your Floor application;  your industry, the type of traffic in the area and if you have any specific requirements and we will present you the most relevant products to use.

Alternatively, contact our technical sales team directly on 0161 764 4617 or via email to discuss your bespoke requirements.

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