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flooring for a supermarket john lord supermarket floor supermarket floor attractive supermarket flooring flooring for a supermarket aisle
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ASDA Preferred Supplier & Installer

Flooring systems pay a vital role in supermarkets, not just providing an attractive and safe solution but also one that efficiently directs people throughout a space and helps create positive atmospheres which are conducive to sales. For Asda, John Lord suggested Acrigard FK with its highly decorative, designer floor finish.

Acrigard FK is a fast curing MMA acrylic resin binder which can be chosen with infinite combinations of coloured flakes glitter for a truly bespoke finish. Here Asda opted for the sand and storm finish which provides a neutral, ascetically pleasing tone. The fast curing properties of the floor make it ideal for busy environments such as supermarkets which need to remain open.  Acrigard FK is methyl methacrylate-based with inert mineral fillers meaning it is extremely safe and hygienic making it ideal for public places in which cleanliness is of paramount importance.


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