Dairy transport intake depot and distribution centre

dairy transport floor dairy transport floor working on a new floor laying down a new john lord floor dairy transport floor
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ARLA Foods – World’s Largest Zero Carbon Dairy

As part of a project for Arla foods which involved installing flooring systems into Europe’s largest dairy facility. John Lord caters for a full range of environments found inside production facilities, offering compounds that are designed to work with the characteristics of an environment.

John Lord used both Uragard HT110W as well as Uragard SC2 throughout this extensive facility. Uragard HT110W is a general purpose formula offering key benefits over traditional alternatives. The compound provides excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and thermal shock resistance. This particular resin system also maintains relative flexibility after cure and can be specified with fine to medium anti-slip properties. Sealing in this hard-wearing finish is an optional glaze coat which aids hygiene; a high priority in a facility of this kind.

John Lord installed Uragard SC2 throughout the large intake depot on the site. Uragard SC2 plays a vital role here in ensuring the safety and longevity of this particular area. This compound is a single pack, moisture curing concrete floor sealer based on Polyurethane resin. The formula works by penetrating and sealing the concrete, polymerizing to form a clear, uninterrupted film. This layer in-turn reinforces the concrete surface providing a hard, non-dusting finish which is ideal for an area of busy traffic such as in this case. This formula can be applied to concrete floors and structures, cementitious screeds, wall renders and brickwork making it incredibly versatile in delivering a hard-wearing, chemical resistant finish.


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