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When it came to replacing the tired floor inside the Bury office of John Lord, the team decided on something special to breathe new life into the space. The John Lord Acrigard line was chosen as the base system. Acrigard is an acrylic (methacrylate MMA) flooring product developed by our team of chemists to ISO 9001:2008.

Acrigard FK Designer range offers a completely bespoke service whereby limitless colour flake combinations are available. This highly decorative resin flooring finish is extremely fast curing meaning there were no excuses for members of the team not being in the office the following day.

Gold glitter was added to the John Lord Rosso flake colour for this project, providing more visual impact around the entrance area of the office.

Granite and Slate were used to in other areas of the office to provide a natural division in the space.

Both colours provide a neutral but ascetically pleasing tone and are jointed effortlessly to create a seamless resin finish. A total of three colour combinations were used throughout the office space in order to provide a natural divide between different areas.

The John Lord Acrigard FK system creates an ideal surface for office applications, which is hygienic, durable and incredibly easy to maintain.


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