Durable flooring for large snack food factory

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In food environments, it is vital that the correct flooring is chosen for maximum safety and efficiency around the workplace.

The main flooring requirements in the food processing industry is a balance of durability, cleanability, chemical resistance and anti-slip profile, which all contribute to a safe and hygienic environment.

A well-known food snack manufacturer required a new flooring system at their Coventry facility. John Lord installed Uragard HT62W, a resin flooring system developed and manufactured by John Lord at our Bury based factory.

The factory environments differed from room to room where liquids were present and spillages occurred to the dry packaging areas. With this in mind, John Lord decided the best flooring to use was Uragard HT62W, which was back-rolled providing a compromise between the anti-slip profile and the cleanability of the floor.

Using a number of floor colours throughout the factory, John Lord installed the resin flooring creating colour coded walkways and operational areas for staff and visitors to navigate around the factory with safety underfoot.

Uragard HT62W has a number of characteristics that make it suitable for food processing environments. The flooring system is part of the HT range of heavy-duty, durable and non-slip polyurethane floors which contribute to a practical and safe workplace.

The resin system is also incredibly easy to maintain too thanks to its high resistance to aggressive chemicals necessary during the regular clean downs in such environments.


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