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A large multi-national food manufacturer turned to John Lord for a replacement specialist resin floor for its ingredients weighing area. The strict hygiene requirements of the ingredients weighing area at its plant required a seamless, chemical resistant, dust-free and easy to clean floor finish. Also vitally important was the need for the floor to be electro-static dissipating; able to eliminate the static charge caused by the potentially explosive fine powder ingredients. The flooring system recommended was John Lord’s own Epigard SL AntiStatic; incorporating copper tape.

As with many projects in operational manufacturing plants, the installation programme needed meticulous planning to ensure adherence to a tight schedule, to minimise dust, disruption to the plant and full compliance with health and safety rules; all part of everyday requirements for the John Lord teams.

A John Lord team of four fully trained and skilled employees, together with a John Lord Project Manager set about the seven day task:

  • Work to ensure the substrate was free from dust and grinding of the surface to create a uniform profile to ensure the resin would fully bond to the substrate.
  • A coat of Epigard FastTrac isolation primer was applied.
  • A matrix of self-adhesive copper conductor strips was laid and connected to a suitable earthing point by qualified electricians. A conductive primer bond coat was then applied.
  • The mixed Epigard SL AntiStatic was poured onto the primed substrate and hand floated.
  • The completed Epigard SL AntiStatic resin floor was left to cure. This floor system was operational after 48 hours however a full chemical cure occurs in seven days.

After the installation of Epigard SL AntiStatic, resistance readings using specialist equipment, in accordance with BS EN 1081:1998, were conducted to ensure compliance: Certification was provided to the client.


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