Resin flooring and drainage for meat processing factory

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Cranswick Plc: An Enduring Relationship

In food processing, it is vital that the correct flooring is chosen for maximum safety and efficiency around the workplace. The main flooring requirements in the food industry are a balance of durability, cleanability and an anti-slip profile, which all contribute to a safe and hygienic environment.

John Lord has a long-standing and successful relationship with the leading and innovative British supplier of premium, fresh and added-value food products: Cranswick Plc. Previously, John Lord has been involved in a number of resin flooring projects for this forward-thinking company, such as their sausage, bacon and other meat factories in the UK.

Taking into consideration the fresh meat products, possible greasy spillages and also the cleaning regime, John Lord turned to their non-tainting, URAGARD HT resin flooring range to cover all applications within the factory environment. In the processing areas, the URAGARD HT62W polyurethane resin floor was installed and back-rolled to create a sufficient compromise between a high grade, anti-slip profile for safety underfoot and the cleanability of the floor. A vibrant Buff yellow colour was the chosen resin colour range to help highlight dark waste food on the floor. In the packaging and storage areas of the factory, the URAGARD MT resin floor was installed due to its smooth surface, excellent cleanability and long-term durability against packaging machinery and factory traffic.

Along with an extensive resin floor, John Lord also supplied and installed a complete ASPEN stainless steel drainage system to help with the cleaning regime and water flow around the factory.

“We have been working with John Lord for over 10 years within the food industry including major projects for Cranswick Country Foods. At Cranswick’s Gourmet Bacon Plant near York, John Lord provided a one-stop resin flooring solution for the factory utilising Uragard flooring and ASPEN Stainless steel drainage. The project was completed within 21 weeks from site purchase to first production and the involvement of John Lord was an integral part of the project’s success.”
Ian Trundley, Architect, David Trundley Design Services Ltd


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