FeRFA Type 2 – Compliant with BS 8204-6

uragard wr cove grade resin flooring

Uragard SC20 is a specially formulated, solvent-free, flooring sealer coating system with unique qualities. The product is formulated specifically for sealing the Uragard WR resin floor render system and cures quickly without the need for a curing agent.

Uragard SC20 provides excellent adhesion characteristics, very high levels of abrasion resistance, and excellent all round chemical resistance.

Uragard SC20 floor coat is painted over the Uragard WR resin render system to improve ease of clean and to provide a smooth, matt finish. The floor coating has also been specifically produced to match the Uragard HT resin flooring systems as close as possible.

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Recent Projects

After so many years in business, we have an extensive portfolio of projects across a huge range of industries that we are proud to put our name to.

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When the existing flooring at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre needed upgrading, the management team and Universal Group contacted John Lord Flooring.

Crisp New Flooring for Snack Food Manufacturer

A leading snack food manufacturer was upgrading its existing process areas and needed brand new flooring and drainage systems.

Expertly crafted flooring solutions for a craft beer brewery

John Lord was chosen to install its exclusive antimicrobial resin flooring and stainless-steel drainage systems in this new craft beer brewing facility.

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