Polymer resin screed


Exclusively from John Lord and Made in Britain.

RizistalCrete screed flooring is an exclusive range of industry respected polymer flooring product by John Lord. They have been developed over many decades by our technical department in Bury, UK.

RizistalCrete screed is a durable, cementitious, polymer resin system used as a finishing or intermediate screed. As an intermediate screed, RizistalCrete can be used to level out uneven floors or to create a fall screed, before final installation of a resin screed finish. An advanced formula by John Lord is available which boasts a rapid cure time for short installation periods.

Each RizistalCrete product has a full technical data sheet which is available to download from the website product pages below.

For a sample of our RizistalCrete resin screed floor products or advice regarding the most suitable flooring system for your application please contact us today.

John Lord has the capabilities to manufacture and install the RizistalCrete product range into various suitable industry environments including;

  • Automated Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Distribution Depots
  • Drinks Processing
  • Dry Processing & Packaging
  • Electrical
  • Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • High Rise Racking
  • Hotels
  • Leisure
  • Manual Distribution
  • Printing
  • Prisons
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Storage
  • Transport Terminals

Full Products List


    Polymer-based floor system designed for levelling or as an intermediate screed replacing the need for convectional concrete or cement screeds.

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    Fast curing, polymer floor system designed for levelling or as an intermediate screed replacing the need for convectional concrete or cement screeds in limited time installations.

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All projects by John Lord receive the Total Responsibility Package which includes the full support service and installation guarantee that start and ends with us. The John Lord Group manufactures and installs all of their product range meaning zero sub-contractors are involved: ONE reputable company that gives you the whole package!

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