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Resin Floor Screed: The Essential Floor Guide by John Lord

Resin Floor Screed: The Essential Floor Guide by John Lord

The installation of a resin floor screed is not rocket science but rather the application of aggregates, resin or other materials mixed to a perfect consistency, which can be trowelled or spread onto an existing surface.

This new resin flooring screed provides the ideal floor finish to cover the sub-structure floor screed. However, as simple as it sounds, there is a deeper understanding about resin and under lying floor screeds than just mixing and trowelling.

The resin screed process is a fundamental part in a flooring project, which plays a major role in the overall durability, quality, performance and future maintenance.

Choosing the Correct Flooring Screed

There are a number of different screed types available to choose from on a flooring project. Consideration to the flooring requirements and environment traffic is very important and will enable you to make an informed decision.

  • Resin Screed: The application of polyurethane resin and different aggregate levels to create varying grades of slip resistance and durability, which can be installed over an under lying cementitious screed.
  • Self-Levelling or Self-Smoothing Screed: The application of free flowing, epoxy resin screed spread over an existing screed or cement surface creating a smooth matt or gloss finish.
  • Decorative Screed: The application of methyl methacrylate, or acrylic resin, combined with coloured flakes, glitter or quartz to create a very aesthetically pleasing floor or custom floor design.
  • Under Lying or Floor Levelling Screed: The application of a floor screed designed to resurface, increase the tolerance or create a completely level floor surface. This is often important for machinery or other traffic to travel on. This screed is the under layer providing an appropriate surface for a finishing resin screed.

Achieving the Best Floor Finish

As mentioned already, the best way to ensure you have the perfect floor for your industry is to consider its requirements and performance based on your industry.

The more information you retain about your project the better. Think about collating all your requirements, measurements, potential traffic, drawings and other specifications you would want to know if you were designing a floor for someone else.

A few things to help ensure your flooring project is completed to a showroom standard include:

  • The environment is free from materials, trades and other debris
  • The correct depth of screed can be achieved
  • Movement joints and expansion strips are correctly in place
  • Screed is correctly mixed
  • The mixing equipment is up to standard
  • The installation team is educated about the project specification
  • Protection is in place during the curing time
  • Ensure the full curing time has been completed before testing
  • Measuring and testing the finished floor against its requirements
  • Correct after care and ongoing maintenance introduced

These details can all be discussed in an initial consultation and then implemented by a skilled installation team.

Effects on Your Industry’s Environment

Depending on your requirements, the possibility to install a resin floor screed alongside or in-between your working process can be achieved using an enhanced flooring product, which boasts unique properties.

If time is a factor, a fast curing resin can be chosen. The decrease in installation time will prevent your opening hours from being affected and business can run as normal.

If contamination is a factor, a non-tainting resin can be chosen. This is recommended for food and drink industries or other environments where products are perishable. The non-tainting resin will have no effect on its surrounding environment during the installation process.

Need a Consultation?

For more information or a consultation about your project with a technical flooring manager, please call 0161 764 4617 or email the John Lord team.

Alternatively… Specify Your Own Floor

In order to begin choosing the correct floor, please use our Specify Your Floor application. Choose your industry, the type of traffic in the area and if you have any specific requirements and we will present you the most relevant products to use.

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