BioCote: The Antimicrobial Brand You Can Trust

BioCote: The Antimicrobial Brand You Can Trust

Who is BioCote?

BioCote is the market leading antimicrobial solutions provider, supplying their additives and comprehensive support services only to the very best products.

As a globally recognised company, BioCote is the only antimicrobial supplier that can state all of the following:

  • Performance: Require a minimum level of antimicrobial performance
  • Testing: Specify regular quality control testing
  • Studies: Have real life studies and scientific papers published
  • HACCP: Be HACCP International certified


What Does Antimicrobial Mean?

Antimicrobial describes something that can resist the growth of microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi.


What Does the Technology Do?

BioCote technology creates a surface, which microbes cannot survive on.

Lower levels of microbes on a surface means improved hygiene, reductions in staining and odours, and a delay in degradation of materials, which can extend the functional lifetime of a product.


Antimicrobial Technology in Action!

BioCote technology works 24-hours a day, for the expected lifetime of the product, to provide integral protection against microbes.

Laboratory tests and real life studies show that microbe levels on BioCote protected products are significantly reduced.

John Lord is able to achieve up to a 99.99% bacteria reduction in just 2 hours.


BioCote in Resin Flooring

As the only resin flooring company to be a partner of BioCote, John Lord is now able to offer their exclusive range of resin flooring with the antimicrobial technology option.

An antimicrobial resin floor is ideal for environments, which demand a high standard of hygiene.

On a BioCote protected resin floor, bacteria cannot survive. This makes it the perfect flooring product for industries including;



If you have any questions about BioCote technology or you would like your new floor to be BioCote protected, please contact the Technical Sales Team; 0161 764 4617 or Email Us.

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