Retail and commercial environments demand a floor that is hard-wearing, durable, and low maintenance, but still inviting and attractive to customers.

Not all floor finishes are suitable for every location, and what is best for your retail environment will depend on a number of factors. Our sales team can advise you on the most suitable flooring for your environment.


Commercial vinyl flooring is a flexible, hardwearing and value for money choice for any retail store as it can create an aesthetically pleasing shopping environment while still being able to cope with high footfall. It has a high degree of slip-resistance, making it a good option for shop flooring as they lower the risk of accidents in a workplace or public place.

Timber flooring is stylish and durable and gives a retail environment a visually appealing, luxurious feel.

Offices and showrooms

In busy office and showroom environments, the flooring needs to be hard-wearing, easy to clean and look professional.

Carpet and carpet tiles offer noise insulation and can help to keep the environment warm too, making them ideal for offices. Carpet tiles are more easily and cheaply replaced when damaged and can be more hard-wearing.

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice of office flooring due to its hard-wearing performance and minimal maintenance. Vinyl is also resistant to damage, such as dents from heels or scratches from dragged furniture.

Timber flooring gives an office a luxurious feel. They are easy to clean and low maintenance.


In addition to traditional commercial flooring options, John Lord offers a range of decorative smooth resin floors that can incorporate an infinite variety of coloured flakes or quartz finishes, to create hundreds of unique design opportunities.

Supermarkets and retail environments

We understand that the high footfall in supermarkets demands a flooring system that is hardwearing and safe for shoppers and staff, as well as being resistant to repeated and continued exposure to cleaning agents.

Durable, slip resistant and chemical resistant, a decorative resin floor from John Lord provides the perfect flooring option for busy retail and commercial environments.

To minimise loss of trading time, we guarantee our flooring systems are installed quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimum disruption to the store.

A total responsibility flooring solution

Our unique, Total Responsibility promise means responsibility for your flooring project starts and finishes with us. From specification and product manufacture to installation of the finished floor and aftercare service.

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