Polymer resin screed

Exclusively from John Lord and Made in Britain.

RizistalCrete screed flooring is an exclusive range of industry-respected polymer flooring product by John Lord. They have been developed over many decades by our technical team.

RizistalCrete screed is a durable, cementitious, polymer resin system used as a finishing or intermediate screed. As an intermediate screed, RizistalCrete can be used to level out uneven floors or to create a fall screed, before final installation of a resin screed finish. An advanced formula by John Lord is available which boasts a rapid cure time for short installation periods.

Each RizistalCrete product has a full technical data sheet which is available to download from the website product pages below.

For a sample of our RizistalCrete resin screed floor products or advice regarding the most suitable flooring system for your project please contact us today.


Polymer-based floor system designed for levelling or as an intermediate screed replacing the need for convectional concrete or cement screeds.

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