Decorative Resin Flooring

Posted on 27/10/2014

decorative resin flooring decorative resin flooring decorative resin flooring

Decorative Resin Flooring

John Lord has developed decorative and aesthetically pleasing resin flooring from its epoxy, polyurethane and MMA/acrylic based resin flooring systems without any compromise of the functionality of the floor.

The decorative resin floors are durable, hygienic and anti-slip with excellent cleanability. They incorporate eye-catching glitters, flakes and quartz in a variety of colours to produce stunning resin flooring solutions.

  • Decorative Quartz Resin Floors

This resin system bridges the gap between functionality and design; it is a multi-layer system that offers durability, chemical resistance and slip resistance; whilst also having an attractive gloss quartz finish, available in a range of colours. The coloured quartz aggregate is broadcast on to the surface of a resin base coat before being sealed under resin top coats.


  • Resin Floor in Pastel Shades

This heavy duty, chemical and abrasion resistant floor screed is based on the latest, fast cure epoxy resin technology: It’s innovative and unique formulation results in long term durability in a range of demanding environments. It has the added benefits of a gloss finish and long term colour stability and is available in light coloured pastel shades.


  • Coloured Flakes & Glitter in Resin Floor

A highly attractive, decorative resin flooring system that is based on a high solids, solvent free, clear resin binder, encapsulating an infinite variety of coloured ‘flakes’ and/or glitter. The finished gloss system gives a vibrant speckled effect that is easy to clean, long term durable and with the usual benefits associated with a resin based systems.


  • Speckled Quartz Resin Floors

These are medium-heavy duty, decorative resin floor screeds. This system boasts an eye-catching speckled finish with coloured quartz aggregates. Available in nine standard colour blends with the option of bespoke colours. They offer excellent all round performance with high substrate bond strength, excellent wear, impact resistance and chemical resistance.


John Lord Resin Flooring

As the UK manufacturer of all our own resin flooring formulations, our experienced technical department is able to offer bespoke colours, colours matches and alternative finishes; providing you with the correct technical solution whilst meeting the practical needs of your business: For a sample of any John Lord resin floor or advice regarding the most suitable product to create the right impression and functionality for your environment please EMAIL or call +44 (0)161 764 4617.

Specify Your Own Floor

In order to begin choosing your decorative resin flooring, please use our Specify Your Floor application;  your industry, the type of traffic in the area and if you have any specific requirements and we will present you the most relevant products to use.

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