Dairy production facility

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Different grades of flooring are often required in food processing environments. For this dairy plant, both resin and tiling were used, along with stainless steel kerbs, drains, and bollards.


The excellent strength and density properties of the Vibrogard HD ceramic vibration tiling system made it ideal for this project where a durable and seamless flooring solution was required.

Uragard HT62W was also used, as it has a high degree of durability and anti-slip resistance, is incredibly hygienic and is resistant to aggressive chemicals often used during clean downs.


“Flooring works are a long-term investment that have to be designed and installed to a high standard to avoid future failure and likely business disruption. John Lord is one of only a few UK companies that can offer the range and quality of flooring that we required, backed up with suitable warranties for both materials and workmanship.”

“We have a long history of using both resin and tiled finishes at our many sites. The issues that cause failures in floor finishes are well known to us and provide us with the knowledge necessary to make an informed judgement on the best technical solution for our needs. I was happy that the vibro-compaction system offered by John Lord guaranteed the appropriate level of tile embedment whilst achieving the falls in the finished levels necessary for the drainage design.”

“I am pleased that our decision to award this contract to John Lord has proved to be correct. The flooring works have been completed to a very high standard and most visitors and customers comment on how good the tiled areas look in the filling halls. I was particularly pleased with our working relationship during the contract. We had to make several layout changes during the project that affected the flooring scope and programme and John Lord were very accommodating in helping us manage change. The team worked with us to get the best solution on a number of challenges and the benefit of working with a company who have direct control over the resin, tiles and stainless-steel drainage and kerbing cannot be understated.”  Group Buildings and Projects Manager


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