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Our Uragard HT Anti-Slip urethane resin flooring was selected by a leading UK meat processing manufacturer when it came to choosing an anti-slip floor system for their new 800m² extension.

The John Lord team installed 800m² of resin flooring over a two week period, incorporating two meat churning pits. Metal dairy grids were seamlessly included within the Uragard resin to form the base of the pits; this ensured the floor under the new four-tonne churning vessels and boiling kettles could withstand the harsh conditions created by such a processing operation.

Here at John Lord Specialist flooring, utilising our expertise and reputation in the food industry, we are able to offer anti-slip polyurethane resin systems, formulated and manufactured by us here in the UK and installed by our very own skilled workforce, to meet the health and safety demands of a modern food factory.

Slips, trips and falls are potential hazards faced by many food manufacturing companies: The presence of water, grease and food debris on the floors of their working environments; such as mincing and dicing rooms, cutting rooms, abattoirs and food processing areas, is unavoidable.

Uragard HT Anti-Slip provides superior all-round performance with built-in chemical resistance, exceptional wear, impact and abrasion resistance, and thermal shock resistance.

Our Uragard HT Anti-Slip is a part of our HT Range of heavy-duty, high performance, anti-slip polyurethane screeds. Uragard HT Anti-Slip offers our highest level of slip resistance and is an independently tested slip resistant screed, designed to provide safety underfoot in environments where this is of paramount importance.


Key Benefits

–  Independently Tested Slip Resistance
–  Excellent Adhesion Characteristics
–  Excellent Long-term Durability
–  Chemical Resistant
–  Thermal Shock Resistant


Product Technical Data

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