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Things you need to know about John Lord’s Antimicrobial Flooring in food industry environments

Things you need to know about John Lord’s Antimicrobial Flooring in food industry environments

Minimising the risk of food contamination resulting in E coli, Salmonella, Listeria or Campylobacter is a priority within the food industry. Such bacteria can double and multiply every 20 minutes, so it is important for the food industry to take precautions to reduce the risk.

Failings could expose consumers to serious health consequences. It goes without saying that the food and drink industry hold a massive responsibility to produce high quality food that is safe for human consumption.

Flooring is one of the biggest surface areas within any food processing factory and is exposed to sometimes aggressive conditions from abrasion, thermal and chemical attack. Food debris such as solids, fats, bloods and oils all encourage the growth of bacteria on the surface.

An unprotected concrete or poor choice of flooring topping could cause uncontrolled growth of bacteria putting a factory at high risk of contamination. Flooring is directly under everything we use and the transfer of bacteria from the floor to equipment and product poses a huge risk. It is therefore crucial that food process environments maintain high levels of cleanliness at all times.

A good hygiene cleaning regime forms part of the daily routine activities commonly found in food processing environments to help reduce the risk of contamination. But how clean is clean? The growth of bacteria starts again between cleaning cycles and the risk of this bacteria isn’t always removed by cleaning alone.

As the only UK flooring company to partner with BioCote, John L Lord are able to further reduce this risk and offer the option of an anti-microbial resin floor system using BioCote’s proven technology. John Lord manufacture and install a wide of Polyurethane, Epoxy and Acrylic resin flooring systems which are all available with the antimicrobial technology.

What is antimicrobial technology?

John L Lord partnership with the market leading antimicrobial brand, BioCote and their Silver-Ion technology can be emulsified into a John L Lord flooring system during the manufacturing process and is present throughout the entire thickness of the resin floor screed.

Resin floor containing BioCote is working 24 hours a day 365 days a year for the lifetime of the floor. Once installed the silver ions can reduce bacteria, mould and fungi in as little as 2 hours and will achieve up to 99.99% bacteria reduction in 24 hours.

Is BioCote safe in food environments?

BioCote is completely safe and effective and will last the entire life cycle of the resin floor unlike some older style antimicrobial flooring systems the effectiveness of BioCote does not reduce over time.

Can I see the BioCote silver ions?

BioCote is invisible to the naked eye. Our flooring systems have undergone a rigorous validation process to ensure that our flooring systems work effectively. This is then supported with an ongoing quality control system offering certification for antimicrobial effectiveness. All validation and quality control is carried out by an independent laboratory.

Does this effect my hygiene cleaning regime?

You still need to continue with your cleaning regime, John Lord’s antimicrobial flooring reduces bacteria that you cannot see.

What makes John L Lord different to other resin flooring companies?

Our flooring systems combined with BioCote antimicrobial technology provides a completely robust and hygienic floor surface. John L Lord & Son Ltd is widely renowned as the UK’s leading specialist industrial and commercial flooring company.

Established in 1901, we have over 115 year’s experience within many sectors. Your floor project doesn’t end with just supplying the right product. Responsibility for the complete flooring project starts and finishes with John L Lord, from specification and product manufacture to installation of the finished floor and after care service; This Total Responsibility means you have total piece of mind by dealing with one company for all your flooring needs. We are delighted to offer yet another enhanced specification to further meet the needs of our customers.

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