Anti-Static Resin Flooring

Posted on 26/10/2014

Anti-Static Resin Flooring

John Lord has developed an anti-static resin flooring as part of their polyurethane resin flooring range. This anti-static resin floor is ideal for use in industrial and commercial environments where static electricity generation is possible. The antistatic resin flooring system is installed in high risk areas to remove any unwanted static electricity that may cause damage to products or people working within these environments.

Industries which may require antistatic flooring include;

As part of the extensive Uragard range at John Lord, we are able to offer a highly specialised product, Uragard Monocast Anti-static. Within these industries Uragard Monocast Anti-static would be applicable to production and assembly areas, storage and handling facilities, cleans rooms and computer rooms.

In the past 6 months we have successfully installed this product as part of the specification at our Arla Foods project based in Aylesbury. The area where Uragard Monocast Anti-static was required was a chemical tank storage area where it was not only essential to control unwanted static electricity, but also maintain a high level of anti-slip.

Monocast Anti-static appeared to be the ideal product for this part of the project as the material adhered to the British Standard EN 1081 regarding system resistivity of < 108 Ω and was classified as a ‘Low’ skid risk as described in ‘The Assessment of Floor Slip Resistance: The UKSG Guidelines issue 4 / 2011’.

Uragard Monocast Anti-static is available to customers in two grades of anti-slip: fine grade and medium grade, with medium grade providing the more aggressive surface. This product is also available is several dark colours including green and red, however mid- and dark-grey are most regularly recommended in this system.

For an antistatic flooring installation in your environment, contact the John Lord technical sales team today via EMAIL or call +44 (0)161 764 4617.

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