Polyurethane resin flooring


Exclusively by John Lord & Made in Britain.

The Uragard resin flooring is an exclusive range of industry respected polyurethane flooring product by John Lord.

They have been developed and maintained by our development chemists to ISO 9001:2008.

Each Uragard product has a full technical data sheet which is available to download from the website product pages below.

As a British manufacturer of polyurethane resin flooring systems, John Lord has the ability to produce bespoke resin flooring solutions to meet your demanding requirements.

For a sample of our Uragard resin floor products or advice regarding the most suitable flooring system for your application please contact us today.


Antimicrobial Resin Flooring – Protected by BioCote Technology

As the only resin flooring company to partner with BioCote, John Lord is able to offer the option of having an antimicrobial Uragard resin floor using their proven technology.

Lower levels of microbes on a surface means improved hygiene, reductions in staining and odours, and a delay in degradation of materials, which can extend the functional lifetime of a product.

John Lord is able to achieve up to a 99.99% bacteria reduction in just 2 hours.

Learn more about why you should be using BioCote Protected Antimicrobial Technology in your floors!


John Lord has the capabilities to manufacture and install the Uragard resin flooring product range into various suitable industry environments including;

  • Automated Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Chemicals Processing
  • Distribution Depots
  • Drinks Processing
  • Dry Processing & Packaging
  • Education
  • Electrical
  • Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare
  • High Rise Racking
  • Hotels
  • Leisure
  • Manual Distribution
  • Offices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printing
  • Prisons
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Retail
  • Showrooms
  • Storage
  • Supermarkets
  • Transport Terminals

Full Products List


    Polyurethane based decorative resin floor with an attractive gloss and coloured quartz finish.

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    Fast application polyurethane floor system with all-round performance and excellent thermal shock resistance.

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  • Uragard HT ESD

    John Lord Uragard HT ESD is part of our HT heavy duty, durable, antislip, polyurethane resin flooring screeds.

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    Fast curing, durable, polyurethane resin flooring with built-in flexibility making it particular useful for freezer or cold room environments.

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    A durable, polyurethane resin flooring screed with all-round performance and optional glazed sealer coat to aid cleanability.

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    Heavy duty, durable and anti-slip polyurethane resin flooring screed with all-round performance and built in chemical resistance.

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    A heavy duty, aggressive anti-slip grade & durable, polyurethane resin flooring screed for maximum safety under foot in wet & greasy areas.

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    A durable, polyurethane resin flooring screed with an innovative blend of metallic & mineral aggregates for protection against extreme abrasion.

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    A durable, polyurethane resin flooring recommended for constant wet or slippery conditions in the food and drink industry.

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    A durable & antistatic, polyurethane resin flooring that resists build-up of static charge in accordance with British Standards

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    A self-smoothing, polyurethane resin flooring screed with a smooth matt finish providing maximum cleanability for dry processing environments.

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    A 3 component, polyurethane resin flooring screed system boasting a flexible, self-smoothing and durable finish with optional anti-slip profile

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    A 100% solvent free, polyurethane resin flooring, sealer coat with all-round performance and chemical resistance. Gloss, Matt or Satin finish.

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    Polyurethane based flooring sealer coating system specifically formulated for sealing the Uragard WR resin flooring to improve easy clean.

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    A polyurethane resin flooring screed ideal for vertical surfaces & wall coves designed to complement the Uragard HT resin floor range.

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Total Responsibility Package

consultation | design | manufacture | contracting | installation | support

All projects by John Lord receive the Total Responsibility Package which includes the full support service and installation guarantee that start and ends with us. The John Lord Group manufactures and installs all of their product range meaning zero sub-contractors are involved: ONE reputable company that gives you the whole package!

One Company | One Guarantee | One Responsibility

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