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Project Case Studies

What we have been up to…

At John Lord we get involved in many projects across a range of industries that we are proud to put our name to.

By using the selector below, view our latest commercial and industrial projects we have completed over the years ranging from recognised retail stores to the world’s largest zero carbon dairy.

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  • Hygienic Flooring for Changing Rooms and Staff Areas

    Changing rooms can be congested and hazardous environments that are prone to wear and tear. Ensuring a careful planning and the correct choice of flooring materials can benefit from excellent usability, maintenance can be reduced and accidents averted....

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  • Hygienic Wall Kerbing for Fish Processing Factory

    Fish processing factory in Belgium required two types of hygienic PolySto Sanicoat wall kerbs to with stand their daily cleaning regimes....

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  • PolySto Hygienic Rebated Wall Kerb for Meat Processing Factory

    A hygienic Rebated Sanicoat Wall Kerb from PolySto was chosen to improve hygiene standards for meat processing factory....

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  • Protection, Preparation, Production - A Resin Floor for All Areas

    John Lord installs their polyurethane uragard resin flooring into the changing, preparation & production areas of the bury black pudding factory....

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  • Resin Flooring for Pie Manufacturer

    John Lord manufactured and installed their high performance resin flooring in the processing and packaging facilities of a pie manufacturer in Wigan, UK....

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  • Non-Slip Flooring for Confectionery Factory

    John Lord manufactured and installed their non-slip resin flooring for Tilly Confectionery to improve their processing and packaging facilities....

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  • Resin Flooring for Pharmaceutical Processing

    John Lord manufacture and install chemical resistant and non-slip resin flooring for a pharmaceutical processing facility in Cheshire. ...

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  • Durable Flooring for Large Snack Food Factory

    John Lord manufacture and install their heavy duty polyurethane resin flooring for a snack food processing and packaging factory in Coventry....

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